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Empowering You to Claim Your Destiny

What We Do

Sacred Retreats & Ceremonies

Retreats and ceremonies designed to connect you with a deeper experience of Spirit using diverse shamanic modalities.


Online Masterminds to help and empower you on your spiritual journey. They have a shorter duration and focus on a specific outcome.

What our clients say

I am so grateful for this experience. It was my first sacred ceremony and not knowing what to expect.

I was fortunate to meet amazing people, that made the journey beautiful. A family! This ceremony gave me an opportunity to receive insights about my life and much needed healing I was not aware of. You can set an intention for the day, but you receive what you NEED. What a life changing event.


I heard about this program October last year, and I attended the first session in February this year.

Walking in this spiritual journey in the past six months has been an absolute pure Bliss. Not only is it life changing, however, lifesaving.

Connecting with loved ones that are on the other side brings healing, closure, and guidance on how to navigate day-to-day life.


You have been my strong anchor and support. My sessions with you have been so profound with your readings always being on point.

You have helped to illuminate my path and made my journey so much easier. I will forever be grateful for your contribution in my journey.


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