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Spirit Connexions

Intuitive Readings

For enquiry about general topics in
life such as relationships, career, health etc. This could be based on specific
questions in these areas or just a general enquiry. The reading is typically an hour long.

ZAR 1.000

Crossover Readings

Connecting to loved ones who have passed on. It could be to ask specific questions or to contact them for closure and healing. The reading is typically an hour long.

ZAR 1.000

Career Readings

When you want to figure out what direction you should take in regards to your career. This includes making choices at a point in your life when you change course and need to reinvent yourself. This reading will give you clear guidance regarding the course of direction to take.

ZAR 1.500

Shamanic Life Coaching

The sessions combine shamanic wisdom with therapeutic art and life coaching techniques to assist clients heal and reach their potentiaby reconnecting to their roots and awakening their higher selves thus creating more harmony, balance and joy in their daily lives.

ZAR 850

“… my sessions with you have been so profound with your readings always being on point…. I will be forever grateful for your contribution in my journey.”

Lintle Mabote