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About Us

At DoYouAndThrive we pride ourselves in taking a disruptive and non-conformist approach to raising consciousness and transforming lives. Our main objective is to be the leading global digital platform for spiritual development that empowers people to embrace their spiritual gifts in a manner that honors authentic self expression.

The Founders

Mabotle Phuku is a Shaman and Umfundisi (meaning a teacher in Zulu). Her passion is to help people experience success in their lives through authentic self-expression.

“I genuinely believe that we have an innate ability to create and experience success. It is wrapped in all the attributes that make us unique as individuals.”

She received Shamanic training from the Andean and Umdawo Sangoma lineages. She holds a BSc (Computer Science) and an MBA, both from the University of the Witwatersrand. Both her academic and spiritual training have given her a unique and eclectic experience and understanding in walking her sacred path. It is from this deep and rich well she draws to inspire people to walk the Sacred Path in their unique way.